Refrigeration servicing

If you have large scale, high-performance fridges in your commercial business, it is unfortunately inevitable to avoid the need for servicing and repairs. In order to reduce the malfunctions, Absolute Control offers regular maintenance of your refrigeration products, including fridges, chillers, freezers and ice makers.

Issues with your refrigeration units might cause significant disruptions to your business, so it is necessary to resolve any problems as quickly as possible. A damaged fridge might impact the quality of the food and beverages and will likely cause unhappy customers. It is necessary for any commercial business to have an experienced servicer on hand.

Servicing with Absolute Control

Absolute Control is more than just a stockist and provider of refrigeration units. With all our products comes a promise of regular servicing if any issues arise. We understand the importance of a well-performing fridge for any commercial food place, and that’s why we work to keep them giving you the most significant benefits.

Our team are professionals who understand the issues that may arise with your refrigeration unit. Our aim is to find a solution as quickly as possible and get your machine working well in no time. However, in some instances, we might have to order additional parts that might take some time to arrive. We will organise the shipment on your behalf, so you can keep working on essential matters in the business. Absolute Control will give expert advice and will be honest and open with our diagnosis. If you require a new refrigeration unit, we will help you select the one that fits all your needs.

If you decide to upgrade to a newer and better performing model, our team will help you select the ideal option and take the old machine away, so you don’t have to worry about it.

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If something is wrong with your fridge, chiller, freezer or ice maker, get in touch with the Absolute Control team. We understand the mechanics of these units well and will diagnose and repair them as quickly as we can to get you back on top of your game.

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