Refrigeration for breweries

Refrigeration for breweries

Every brewery needs a high performing refrigeration solution to make ideal tasting beer. During the fermentation process, the liquid needs to be kept at a specific temperature and then easily chilled for further processing. Without an effective system in place, there may be inconsistencies with the taste, texture and quality of batches made in the brewery. However, a modern refrigeration system enables the brewer to set the right temperature with a simple touch and ensure everything is in order. At Absolute Control, we can install whole refrigeration systems within your brewery or upgrade your old one to a better performing one.

What Absolute Control can offer

Our team has worked with several breweries across the Wellington region, which enabled us to understand the needs and requirements of these commercial businesses. We have various refrigeration products available that will help any sized brewery perform better. Absolute Control can custom make cellar rooms and glycol tanks to maintain optimal temperatures during the brewing process. With our cool room designs, we will ensure your beverages stay cold, even in large spaces. We can create solutions for any sized and shaped location.

The team can install these products across the Wellington region and give your brewery a customized solution. Our brewery chillers have a higher performance and tighter temperature control than any regular refrigeration unit, giving you long time and all year round performance. If you are looking for highly accurate refrigeration technology, Absolute Control’s products will provide you with the ideal solution!

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Get in touch with us today if you are designing a new brewery or would like to upgrade your current system to a better performing one. We will answer any questions you might have and find a solution that works for your specific situation! Call our experienced and passionate team today!

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