Custom build refrigeration

Finding a suitable refrigeration unit and system for your commercial space is not an easy task. We have seen many people struggle with coming across an already made fridge or freezer that is the right size. That’s why at Absolute Control, we offer custom builds for many different refrigeration systems. We like giving our customers exactly what they are looking for and ensuring that all refrigeration and electrical systems function the way they should for the business. Don’t make a compromise. Get the exact design you are looking for with our custom-build solutions!

Unique custom build designs

Instead of getting ready-made products from overseas, Absolute Control builds their custom made solutions in New Zealand to the precise detail that our customers require. We are the only company in the Wellington region that creates everything from simple cool rooms to complex cooling systems, blast freezers, to heat pumps. We offer the complete range of refrigeration and electrical solutions that any commercial premise may need and ensure you only need to deal with one professional team, making the process simpler and quicker.

Our highly skilled refrigeration and electrical staff members can take care of the whole project, whether you are building a commercial business from the ground up or doing renovations on your food and beverage location. We take pride in offering our services to businesses across the Wellington region at a competitive price and with very high quality. Whatever custom-made refrigeration design you are looking for, we can make it happen for you!

Contact the Absolute Control team for a custom-built solution

Get in touch with our highly experienced design team today to create a solution for your needs. We will work closely together with you to custom-build a refrigeration system that your business needs. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions about our process!

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