Large space cooling options

Have you got a large amount of food and beverages that you need to keep cold all the time? Do you own a supermarket or bottle store that requires a large space to keep products at the ideal temperature?

Then a cool room may be just what you need. These offer an excellent cost-effective solution for keeping food and beverages at a cool temperature without a need for multiple refrigeration units. They are also a great way to keep products organised and even let customers explore the available beverages in case of a bottle store. Absolute Control provides a solution for any commercial space looking for a cool room.

Cool room designer and installer

With Absolute Control, you aren’t confined to set measurements with your cool rooms, as we are experienced in designing custom made solutions for our clients. However complex the shape or size of your space may be, we will create a design that aligns precisely with your requirements. We also have made to measure options available if you have a standard space, which takes less time to complete and will give you the benefit of a cool room earlier.

An essential part of every cool room is the shelving. We offer a range of well-known brands that are sure to last a long time and keep your products, whether you are in hospitality, healthcare or laboratory, clean and safe. With different designs and size options, we provide you with a choice that fits your needs and that you won’t regret. Our cool rooms are renowned for their high-performance capabilities and long-lasting designs.

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Get in touch with the Absolute Control team to make a start on your cool room journey for your commercial store, hospitality business, healthcare or laboratory needs. We will ensure you get the solution your space needs and are happy with the performance of the cool room!

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