Refrigeration solutions for hospitality businesses

Are you in the hospitality business looking for a refrigeration solution for your food and beverages? Whether you need vertical and horizontal chillers, freezers or display fridge cabinets, at Absolute Control, we have a range of products available for your industry.

Having the correct equipment is essential for any restaurant, bar, or café. Ideal refrigeration options will keep the food and drinks at the perfect temperatures, making customers happy and satisfied. A bad fridge can not only be costly to run, but it might also make some of your products go off. Ensure you have the best option for your needs with Absolute Control.

How we can solve your refrigeration problems

We understand how important an energy-efficient and high performing fridge is to keep hospitality businesses in the running. At Absolute Control, we are design and build specialists and can make any refrigeration project come to life. We can custom build refrigeration cabinets and plan cool rooms according to the space you have available on your premises, so you can get the exact design you are looking for.

Our team are experts in giving advice about what refrigeration options may be the best choice for your situation and get your hospitality business, whether it’s a restaurant, café or bar, on top of its game! If you need repairs and maintenance done to your refrigeration cabinets, Absolute Control will get that done for you too. We are your one-stop shop for any commercial refrigeration needs! Don’t hesitate to approach us with any questions you may have about our services.

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Contact us at Absolute Control today if you need a new or custom-built refrigeration cabinet for your business. We will help you in any way we can and make sure you get the exact design you are looking for. So call us today for a quote!

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