Refrigeration options for commercial businesses

Do you own a commercial business that requires refrigeration, such as countertop display cabinets, horizontal or vertical chillers and freezers? Ensuring that food and beverage are kept at the optimal temperature is essential for any business to perform to its greatest potential. Whether you own a supermarket or an ice cream shop, we have a wide variety of products available that will benefit your commercial space. Ensure you invest in a high performing and robust machine that will support your business for an extended period of time. Our products at Absolute Control will all give you a benefit that our competitors won’t.

Absolute Control products

If you need a refrigeration project completed for your commercial business, the team at Absolute Control is here to help you. We have a number of refrigeration products available that will ensure your restaurant, supermarket or café performs to its full potential. Here are a few options that we stock:


  • Vertical chillers and freezers: Display your products in large vertical chillers and freezers. We have a range of colours, sizes and brands available.
  • Horizontal chillers and freezers: We have a range of different horizontal chillers and fillers in stock, including open style, ice cream, and serve over cabinets.
  • Cool rooms: If you have an ample amount of stock, our cool rooms will give you an opportunity to store your products. We can provide custom made solutions for your needs.
  • Countertop fridges: Our impulse display cabinets will help drive sales and marketing at the end of your client’s journey.

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Get in touch with the Absolute Control team if you require a refrigeration solution for your commercial business. We are experts in helping you find the answers you may be looking for with your fridges, freezers and cool rooms. Unlock your business’s full potential with our high performing products!

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