Commercial cool room design

Do you require a large area in your commercial premise to be cooled down? Are you unsure how you can make the design work? At Absolute Control, we can design cool rooms from scratch and produce a solution that works perfectly for your needs. Whatever size, shape, width and length of space you have, our designer team will create a flawless look that will help you fit all food and beverages that need cooling. We understand the importance of a well designed and functional cool room and will create a design that suits your requirements!

Absolute Control cool room designs

As cool rooms are an essential part of many commercial food and beverage businesses that require a larger space than a few refrigeration units, Absolute Control is happy to offer its design expertise to create an ideal solution for these businesses. Our team will first come and assess your premises, do the necessary measurements and find out exactly what you are looking for with your cool rooms. Once we have all the required information, our designer team will create a plan and build the refrigeration and shelving. We always work closely with businesses to develop the best cool rooms for their needs.

We then supply and install the components of the cool room and get it up and running for you, so you don’t need to worry about finding another professional to do the job. All our cool rooms are high performing and will help run your commercial business effectively!

Wellington cool room design

Contact Absolute Control today if you require support with designing a cool room for your commercial business. We have provided a solution even for the most tricky and challenging spaces and are looking forward to helping your food and beverage business succeed in the future!

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