Electrical switchgear

A switchgear is a machine used for switching, controlling and protecting the electrical circuit and equipment in your commercial premise. Without reliable switchgear, your space may not be safe if there is an electrical fault, and your refrigeration units and other machines may get damaged easily. To protect your premise from an extensive time without power and keep your lines, generators, transformers and any other electrical equipment safe, installing switchgear is a great idea. These are especially crucial for businesses with high and medium voltage systems or those that have several electrical machines, such as refrigeration units, working at once.

How do switchgears work?

Switches, fuses, circuit breakers, isolators, relays, transformers and control panels are all examples of switchgears that work together to keep your electrical system safe. These allow you to turn off the electrical system with a simple switch to maintain and service your power. However, they can also shut down part of a system if a fault is detected. This ensures that your premise still gets power where it needs but prevents any damage to your electrical equipment.

Absolute Control can install full switchgears both indoors and outdoors on your premises. Our electrical team have the knowledge and experience to keep your commercial location safe, however strong your electrical voltage system is. We can also maintain and service your switchgear to ensure that your refrigeration units are safe and performing to their full potential. Our service provides that you don’t need to engage the services of several different professionals, as we can complete all electrical services in your commercial space.

Wellington switchgear experts

Contact the electrical team at Absolute Control to get your switchgear sorted out and ensure your electrical products are kept safe even during an emergency. Our team can help find the best solution for your space and keep everything in order.

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