Something wrong with your commercial heat pump?

Has your commercial heat pump system suddenly stopped working? Are you unsure how to fix an underlying issue? All heat pumps installed by Absolute Control come with a 6-year parts and labour warranty to ensure the units give you their benefit for a long time.

Working without a heat pump on any commercial premise can be a challenging experience, so it is vital that the problem gets solved as quickly as possible. Rather than calling a general electrician, who might not be experienced with the design and equipment Absolute Control provides, our team will have the right parts on hand to get your heat pump working.

Repairing your commercial heat pump

If you notice that your commercial heat pump stops working, all you need to do is call Absolute Control, and we will send one of our team members to assess the issue. We usually have a range of parts and equipment in storage that makes the repair quicker and less frustrating for the owner. However, if, for some reason, the issue is more challenging, we will take care of ordering any needed product parts for you so that you can have peace of mind.

With our warranty promise, you won’t need to spend significant amounts on repairs and will have the reassurance that someone will take care of a problem if it arises. Absolute Control can also perform regular maintenance on your commercial heat pump system to ensure it doesn’t come to a repair job. We will change any parts if needed and give you a few things to be aware of during these visits.

Call Absolute Control as soon as possible

Get in touch with our team immediately after you notice that your commercial heat pump system has stopped working. We will slot you into our schedule as early as possible to get your units back on track and reduce the disturbance on your business!

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