Want to showcase your drink options to your customers?

If you own a restaurant, café, supermarket or dairy, you will need a refrigeration option for your drinks to help your customers select their desired beverage. The size, style and placement of your fridge are essential characteristics that need to be considered to achieve the most significant marketing opportunity.

For every commercial business, it is essential to highlight their products in the most appealing way so that customers not only know that they are available but also get influenced to purchase them. At Absolute Control, we have a wide variety of refrigeration options for different types of drinks!

Drink Fridges at Absolute Control

Absolute Control provides solutions for any refrigeration project across the Wellington region. Whether you need a large vertical fridge to stock your drinks in or a countertop display cabinet for impulse shoppers, we have the right product available for you. Our fridges ensure that the beverages are kept at an optimal temperature and that your customers will be satisfied with the quality of the drinks.

We have the high performing Skope fridges available for our clients that will get your drinks the most outstanding results. Apart from stocking and installing your fridges, our team will also service and repair them if anything goes wrong. We pride ourselves on supporting commercial businesses in any way we can and are passionate about providing excellent solutions. Don’t hesitate to invest in high performing fridges that will last you a long time and provide amazing benefits!

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